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15 Nov 2022

Investigating High-Risk Firms

A Machine Learning-based Approach to Cross-Border Ownership Data Corporate ownership secrecy has become a central issue in the global debate as the use of legitimate companies in illicit schemes has increased dramatically in recent times. While several measures have been implemented worldwide to increase the transparency of firms and their…

17 Oct 2022

The theft of medicines in the EU

The study presents some key results collected through the analysis of the theft of medicines and medical devices within the EU and beyond. First outlining  a definition of this crime, the report provides insights on the relevance of studying and analysing this crime, then proceeding to quintify its size. Through…

7 Oct 2022

Juvenile Gangs in Italy

Research in Brief

20 Apr 2022

FATA – From Awareness to Action

The final report of Project FATA – From awareness to action represents the first systematic analysis in Italy that studies the evolution and modi operandi of counterfeiting in online markets. The study develops from the unprecedented collaboration between Crime&tech, spin-off company of Transcrime e Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and…

13 Apr 2022

The Evolution of Illicit Flows

Displacement and Convergence among Transnational Crime

11 Feb 2022

Organized Crime Groups

A Systematic Review of Individual-Level Risk Factors Related to Recruitment…

31 Jan 2022

Money Laundering Blacklists

What are the criteria used by Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and the European Union to blacklist jurisdictions at high-risk of money laundering? What are the countries at highest risk according to Panama Papers and FinCEN files? Where do criminals move their illicit money, according to judicial and investigative evidence? This book answers…

1 Dec 2021

The heterogeneity of human smugglers: a reflection on the use of concepts in studies on the smuggling of migrants

The use of a broad conceptualization of human smugglers fosters their stereotypical representation. Moreover, the lack of attention to the heterogeneity of smugglers, to their purposes, methods, and organisational choices, leads to the design of unfair and ineffective migration policies. Relying on previous empirical studies on human smuggling and other…

9 Nov 2021


European Business Ownership and Control Structures

5 Nov 2021


Options for Enhancing Operational Instruments in the Area of Firearms Trafficking