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3 Nov 2020

A Multi-Disciplinary Study into the Drivers of Smoking Cessation in Australia

This study identifies the historical drivers of smoking cessation in Australia, framing them within the national culture, social structure, economic and regulatory framework, and healthcare system. This study also explores the potential role of e-cigarettes in encouraging smokers to quit. In doing so, the study provides an evaluation of the…

16 Jul 2020

Organised Property Crime in the EU

13 Jul 2020

The impact of COVID-19 on organized crime

Research Brief

30 Sep 2019


Modelling the Processes leading to Organised crime and Terrorist Networks

9 Jul 2019


ITTP NEXUS in Europe and Beyond

20 Dec 2018


Modelling and mapping the risk of Serious and Organised Crime infiltration in legitimate businesses across European territories and sectors

20 Feb 2018

The infiltration of organized crime in the legal economy of Lazio

This report describes the results of the analysis of the infiltration of organized crime in the legal economy of Lazio, carried out as part of the ‘Lazio without Mafie’ project created by Crime&tech for the Lazio Region. The objectives of the report are: (a) to measure the extent of the…

2 Oct 2017

Mafias and globalization

This report is the result of the work of the members of thematic Table 1 – “Mafias and Globalization” (coordinated by Prof. Ernesto Savona) of the General States for the Fight against Organized Crime of the Ministry of the Interior. The report develops along two tracks: 1. The Italian mafias…

29 May 2017


Identifying and Assessing the Risk of Money Laundering in Europe

31 Mar 2017


Fighting Illicit Firearms Trafficking Routes and Actors at European Level