International Ph.D. in Criminology

Transcrime supports the coordination of the International Ph.D. in Criminology of the Università Cattolica del Sacro cuore in Milan, a Programme for highly qualified students seeking an advanced research degree in Criminology. The Programme views interdisciplinary work and research as the core of its activity. Its aim is to promote innovative and dynamic thinking by blending theory and practice in the fields of criminology, criminal justice, and crime prevention.

The Ph.D. seeks to prepare graduates to meet traditional and emerging standards of excellence in criminology. This is achieved through a specially-designed training, research, and teaching Programme. It is expected that graduates taking part in the Programme will pursue careers in academia, research, law enforcement, international organizations, industry, or consulting.

All the activities are in English.

Official page Scuole di dottorato Unicatt – International Ph.D. in Criminology

Apply now for the next cycle of the International Ph.D. Programme in Criminology. You can submit an informal pre-application at any time during the year. Once the call for applications is published, you can submit a formal application. The call for applications for the XL Cycle has been published on the dedicated page.

Find out more in the brochure of the XL Cycle.

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