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1 Mar 2024

Bid-rigging in public procurement: Cartel strategies and bidding patterns

Bid-rigging harms economies and societies. While existing research has primarily focused on quantifying the economic damages resulting from bid-rigging cartels, there is a relative dearth of studies exploring how firms interact and the specific techniques they use to rig tenders. Our paper examines the bidding behaviours associated with…

6 Feb 2024

Cleaning mafia cash: An empirical analysis of the money laundering behaviour of 2800 Italian criminals

Despite the wide reach of anti-money laundering legislation worldwide and increasing media attention, fostered by journalistic leaks such as Panama Papers, empirical knowledge on how criminals launder their illicit proceeds is still scarce. The few available empirical studies show that money laundering (ML) schemes are often less sophisticated than they are depicted…

7 Nov 2023

Security in Retail in Italy 2023

The report “Security in Retail in Italy, 2023: a study on losses, thefts and security measures” is the result of the study conducted by Crime&tech on shrinkage and security in the retail and large-scale distribution sector, with the support of Checkpoint Systems Italia and in collaboration with Associazione Laboratorio per…

31 May 2023

CSABOT – Beneficial Owners of European Companies

The paper “Beneficial Owners of European Companies (and Related Risks)” presents the research conducted by Transcrime, within the CSABOT project, on risk factors and anomaly indicators in the ownership structure of European companies. These indicators are then applied to 4,500 companies owning 505k real estate properties in Paris, mapping the…

19 May 2023

AML Data Sharing

AML Data Sharing: a survey on sharing data for anti-money laundering purposes is the first research conducted in Italy and in Europe on the exchange of information between obliged entities for anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT). The study consulted the 44 main Italian intermediaries (equivalent to…

15 Nov 2022

Investigating High-Risk Firms

A Machine Learning-based Approach to Cross-Border Ownership Data Corporate ownership secrecy has become a central issue in the global debate as the use of legitimate companies in illicit schemes has increased dramatically in recent times. While several measures have been implemented worldwide to increase the transparency of firms and their…

31 Jan 2022

Money Laundering Blacklists

What are the criteria used by Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and the European Union to blacklist jurisdictions at high-risk of money laundering? What are the countries at highest risk according to Panama Papers and FinCEN files? Where do criminals move their illicit money, according to judicial and investigative evidence? This book answers…

9 Nov 2021


European Business Ownership and Control Structures

24 Sep 2021


Developing a Tool to Assess Corruption Risk factors in firms’ Ownership Structures

18 May 2021

The changes in ownership of Italian companies during the Covid-19 emergency

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