Projects - 5 Oct 2021

Mapping opacity across European companies

Datacros, the new Transcrime report to identify companies at risk of financial crime

Due to the lack of advanced tools for identifying criminal schemes, public authorities often find it difficult to keep the pace of criminals in the fight against money laundering, corruption and collusion.

In order to improve the public sector’s ability to prevent financial crimes, the Datacros project focused on analyzing and mapping the European companies potentially most at risk of those crimes, studying them both at a geographical and sector level.

Specifically, the analysis studied over 56 million companies to identify those common anomalies in ownership structures capable of signaling the presence of potential crimes such as corruption, collusion or money laundering.

Datacros also worked on developing a prototype specifically designed for public authorities for real-time identification of those companies presenting these anomalous characteristics.

Click here to read the Full Report and watch the video to find out more about the partners involved in the project and its future evolution.