Projects - 1 Mar 2024

Investigating corruption, organised and financial crimes with innovative data and tools

The final webinar presenting the results and tool of project DATACROS II

The final webinar of the Datacros II project was held on 30 January 2024 and engaged more than 550 registrants. It was delivered by the Datacros II partners, representatives of public and private organisations and academic research.

During the webinar, we presented the key findings of the project and the tool for risk assessment of legitimate companies, which is able to detect anomalies in the ownership structure, suspicious links or activities of businesses that indicate a high risk of collusion, corruption and money laundering. We demonstrated use cases where the DATACROS tool has been successfully used to assess the risk of financial crimes, providing empirical validation of the tool, and discussed with practitioners how this tool has improved financial crime investigation and risk assessment processes.

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