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14 Oct 2012

A Study on Crime Proofing – Evaluation of Crime Risk Implications of the European Commission’s Proposals Covering a Range of Policy Areas

Bodies European Commission…

14 Sep 2012

The Crime Risk Assessment Mechanism (CRAM) for proofing EU and national legislation against crime

Final Report of Project MARC – Developing Mechanisms for Assessing the Risk of Crime due to legislation and products in order to proof them against crime at an EU level Bodies Commissione Europea Double Thematic Issues on: Proofing EU Legislation Against Crime European Journal on Criminal Policy and…

14 Aug 2012

La prostituzione nell’Unione Europea tra politiche e tratta di essere umani

14 Jul 2012

La criminalità economica organizzata

Le dinamiche dei fenomeni, una nuova categoria concettuale e le sue implicazioni di policy…

14 Jun 2012

First inventory of policy on counterterrorism: Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States – ‘research in progress’

Bodies WODC This report presents a first inventory of measures aimed at combating radicalisation, extremism and terrorism (referred to as counterterrorism policy) in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States. Researchers in these countries have drawn up working documents. This inventory can serve as a…

19 Nov 2007

Eighth Report on Security in Trentino | Trends no.1

Crime in Europe, Italy and Trentino 1995 – today Produced for: Autonomous Province of Trento The report evaluates crime trends and is the latest in the series of Security Reports which for eight years have monitored security trends in Trentino and in Italy, and this year in Europe as well.

19 Nov 2006

Report on Security in Trentino – Further Analysis n. 1

Domestic violence and abuse: problems and possible remedies Produced for: Autonomous Province of Trento Domestic violence and abuse are topical issues in the local and national press. The decision to analyse the current situation in Trentino with a view to the national and international dimension therefore stems from the…

19 May 2006

Infosicurezza 4 – Video Surveillance Systems 2

Video surveillance and privacy: normative framework, case studies and technical aspects Produced for: Autonomous Province of Trento…