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20 Dec 2015

Transcrime Research in Brief

04. Risky Behaviours

25 Nov 2015

Organized Crime Infiltration of Legitimate Businesses in Europe

A Pilot Project in Five European Countries

21 Oct 2015

Transcrime Research in Brief

03. Estimating the counterfeit markets in Europe

28 May 2015

Monitoring and preventing pathological gambling in Trentino

19 Apr 2015

Transcrime Research in Brief

01. Prevedere i furti in abitazione

16 Mar 2015

From Illegal Markets to Legitimate Businesses

The Portfolio of Organised Crime in Europe

10 Mar 2015

Transcrime Research in Brief – 02. The theft of medicines from Italian hospitals

In recent years, the theft of medicines from Italian hospitals has emerged as a booming criminal phenomenon. This issue represents a serious threat to people’s health, the national budget, companies’ revenues and legal competition. However, studies concerning theft of medicines are lacking, as most research focuses only on the counterfeiting…

27 Feb 2015

Transcrime Research in Brief – 01. Maritime piracy worldwide

The phenomenon of maritime piracy dates back to the beginning of seafaring. Since the 1980s, maritime piracy has re-emerged as an international problem because of a significant rise in the recorded attacks. The security of maritime routes is a matter of concern for national governments, ship owners and trade companies…

15 Jan 2015

European Outlook on the Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products

This study has been coordinated by Ernesto U. Savona. This study calls for a new direction to be taken in the analysis of, and the fight against, the illicit trade in tobacco products (ITTP) in the European Union (EU). It suggests that the focus should be trained more closely on the reduction…

14 Jan 2015

Criminal Markets and Mafia Proceeds

This book estimates the proceeds of crime and mafia revenues for different criminal markets such as sexual exploitation, drugs, illicit cigarettes, loan sharking, extortion racketeering, counterfeiting, illicit firearms, illegal gambling and illicit waste management. It is the first time that scholars have adopted detailed methodologies to ensure the highest reliability…