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14 Dec 2012


Improving Knowledge on Organised Crime to develop a common European approach

14 Nov 2012

Cost Benefit Analysis of Transparency Requirements in the Company/Corporate Field and Banking Sector Relevant for the Fight Against Money Laundering and Other Financial Crime

Bodies Commissione Europea Edited by Ernesto U. Savona Mario A. Maggioni Barbara Vettori The aims of the study were: 1. To analyse the cost-benefits from the introduction at the EU level of an up-front and ongoing disclosure system in the company/corporate field (from now on,…

18 Dec 2007


Evaluating Preventive Measures in order to Improve their Effectiveness in the EU Member States…

19 Nov 2007

Infosicurezza 5 – Immigrants in prison between exclusion and inclusion: the Trentino case

Produced for: Autonomous Province of Trento…

19 Nov 2007

Eighth Report on Security in Trentino | Trends no.1

Crime in Europe, Italy and Trentino 1995 – today Produced for: Autonomous Province of Trento The report evaluates crime trends and is the latest in the series of Security Reports which for eight years have monitored security trends in Trentino and in Italy, and this year in Europe as well.

18 Nov 2007

Transcrime Reports n. 14 – Terrorism and counterterrorism in italy from the 1970’s to date: a review

19 Nov 2006

Report on Security in Trentino – Further Analysis n. 1

Domestic violence and abuse: problems and possible remedies Produced for: Autonomous Province of Trento Domestic violence and abuse are topical issues in the local and national press. The decision to analyse the current situation in Trentino with a view to the national and international dimension therefore stems from the…