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14 Feb 2012

Mapping the Prostitution of Women from Eastern Europe in the Veneto Region

Authority: Veneto Region Edited by the Assessorato alle Politiche della Sicurezza e dei Flussi Migratori (Eexcutive Council of the Veneto Region)   Scientific Coordinator Andrea Di Nicola   This report represents the contribution that the Veneto Region, together with the Documentation Centre of…

18 Dec 2004

Transcrime Reports n. 12 – Crime and Media

The Representation of Crime in the Newspapers of the Province of Padua

19 Nov 2004

Infosicurezza n. 3 – The culture of legality

A study among the high-school youths of Trentino

19 Nov 2004

Infosicurezza n. 1 – Preventing car crashes linked to alcohol

Produced for: Autonomous Province of Trento…

19 Nov 2004

Sixth Report on Security in Trentino

Past, present and future of security in Trentino

18 Nov 2004

Transcrime Reports n. 10 – The Contribution of Data Exchange Systems to the Fight against Organised Crime in the SEE Countries

Bodies Autonomous Province of Trento The Piedmont Region The Province of Turin South East European Cooperative Initiative (SECI) With specific regard to 14 SEE countries, this research project was developed in order to enhance and strengthen the process of exchanging information, by encouraging the adoption of legal…

19 Aug 2004

Infosicurezza n. 2 – Video surveillance systems

Produced for: Autonomous Province of Trento…

18 Aug 2004

Transcrime Reports n. 9 – MON – EU – TRAF II

Bodies European Commission A Study for Monitoring the International Trafficking of human Beings for the Purpose of Sexual Exploitation in the EU Member States The aims of the research were to improve statistical data and qualitative sources of information on trafficking of human beings for the purpose of sexual…