Publishing date 19 Nov 2004
Editors Transcrime

Sixth Report on Security in Trentino

Publishing date 19 Nov 2004
Editors Transcrime

Past, present and future of security in Trentino

Realizzato per:
Provincia Autonoma di Trento

How has criminality in Trentino changed over the last twenty years and what will change in the future? What do today’s youths – who will become tomorrow’s adults – think about laws, how much do they respect them?

The Sixth Report on Security in Trentino, carried out for the Autonomous Province of Trento, answers these questions.

The past and the present are linked by prevalently steady conditions with regards crime trends, with values that are lower than the rest of Italy. The prediction for the future is linked to the change in the course of time of factors that can directly or indirectly generate criminality and insecurity. Building scenarios of what will happen tomorrow means providing instruments that are useful to institutions in anticipating problems, in order to prevent situations of deviance and crime. But talking about the future means also talking about young people.

What kind of attitude do our youths have towards institutions and laws? The research conducted among Trentino students shows some problematic aspects. Many youths are intolerant towards controlling bodies like teachers, the police and the church. In their opinion rules have a low sense of obligatoriness. These attitudes contain all the ingredients of juvenile transgression, but they also signal a deficit of legality which we would not expect to find in Trentino. Covering this deficit is a long commitment for the family, school, media, institutions and of the whole civil society.