NEWS - 20 Jul 2023

Transcrime awarded RESPOND: a Horizon Europe project against political corruption

Transcrime has been awarded the new project RESPOND, funded by the European Commission under the Horizon Europe programme.

RESPOND (Rescuing Democracy from Political Corruption in Digital Societies) aims to study the phenomenon of political corruption and illicit influence in digital societies, and propose solutions to counter it. In fact, the project continues Europe’s efforts in protecting the stability of democracy and restoring civil society’s trust in democratic values. The activities will pursue 4 objectives:

1) Analysis of forms of political influence

In order to identify the connection of these practices with corruption schemes, the project will analyze:

  • political finance
  • lobbying
  • revolving doors/personal ties
  • media capture

2) Corruption perception and impact

The project will explore how corruption is understood in the political elite and among citizens and the role of media and education in determining its perception. Then, its impact on the legitimacy and credibility of democracy will be studied in order to develop effective solutions.

3) Digital technologies and corruption

The project will explore the link between digital technologies, both traditional and emerging, with political corruption. It will also investigate its new uses in countering national and transnational corruption.

 4) Indicators and monitoring tools

In collaboration with relevant stakeholders, the partners will develop and test practices, tools and risk indicators for monitoring corruption by civil society.


The project will have a duration of five years and a budget of 6 million euros. It will also involve 16 European partners, including universities, research centers, NGOs and private institutions. RESPOND will investigate 27 EU countries and 11 neighbouring countries.