NEWS - 27 Sep 2022

Tenacity kick-off meeting in Athens

In the last two days as Transcrime we joined the in-person kick-off meeting of project Tenacity – Travelling Intelligence Against Crime and Terrorism (GA 101074048) in Athens.

This project is funded by the European Commission as part of the Horizon programme.

The consortium of the project, composed of 17 partners and coordinated by European Dynamics Luxembourg Sa, will address the challenges deriving from the different perception and methodologies on how travel intelligence data could be managed and improved across LEAs from EU MSs with differentiated practices.

To do so, researchers will first provide an interoperable open architecture for the integration and analysis of multiple transactional, historical and behavioural data from different sources, exploiting game changing digital technologies. Second, create opportunities for training and sensitisation of LEAs’ personnel through the design of a “living lab” to be established for the organization of hackathons and workshops for relevant stakeholders. Third, propose a holistic approach to crime prevention implementing a Travel Intelligence Governance Framework that will support the identification of modus operandi of criminal and terrorism organizations.

Transcrime, leader of the second Work Package, will focus on the modelling and assessment of terrorism activities and serious crimes, and on the investigation of the factors LEAs currently use to identify potential victims.