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1 Mar 2024

The resilience of drug trafficking organizations: Simulating the impact of police arresting key roles

This research analyses the resistance and resilience of drug trafficking organizations against law enforcement interventions targeting specific operational roles.

2 Jun 2023

Inductive and transductive link prediction for criminal network analysis

The identification of potential offenders, who are more likely to form a new group and co-offend in a crime, plays an essential role in narrowing down law enforcement investigations and improving predictive policing. Once a crime is committed, focusing on linking it to previously reported crimes…

11 Feb 2022

Organized Crime Groups

A Systematic Review of Individual-Level Risk Factors Related to Recruitment…

13 Sep 2021

COVID-19 and Organized Crime

Strategies employed by criminal groups to increase their profits and power in the first months of the pandemic The COVID-19 pandemic has created new opportunities for organized criminal groups and confronted them with new challenges. Analysis of how these groups have reacted to the pandemic yields better understanding of how…

18 May 2021

The changes in ownership of Italian companies during the Covid-19 emergency

Research in Brief

15 Feb 2021

Recruitment into Organized Crime

An Agent-Based Approach Testing the Impact of Different Policies…

11 Oct 2013

The Factbook on the Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products 1 – United Kingdom

Questo è il riassunto in pre.

3 Aug 2009

Study on extortion racketeering

The Need for an Instrument to Combat Activities of Organised Crime