NEWS - 3 Apr 2023

Promenade: Operational Trials and External End-User Webinar

In March, the operational trials phase of the Toolkit developed in PROMENADE was successfully concluded, in collaboration with four EU Border Guards (in Greece, Spain, Lithuania and France). 

Within the project, Transcrime has developed Risk Investigator, an innovative tool to: 

  • trace ownership structures and Beneficial Owners of vessels, even when deploying across borders;  
  • identify adverse events (sanctions, enforcement, adverse media) linked to vessels, their owners and related entities;  
  • detect risk factors and anomalies in vessels’ ownership structure. 

PROMENADE will facilitate the identification of vessels involved in criminal activities by EU maritime surveillance Authorities. 

The results and the toolkit developed by the PROMENADE Consortium were also presented to the public in March, during the Promenade Webinar on External End-Users, with the partecipation of representatives of Frontex, SatCen, EMSA, and European Commission.

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