Funded by European Commission


Identifying compaNies and Victims in the Exploitation phase to disRupt the financial business model of adult and child labour Trafficking

Funded by European Commission

This project aims at counteracting the use of legal companies by labour traffickers to exploit victims, helping EU prosecutor offices, law enforcement agencies (LEAs), and judicial authorities in the identification and disruption of these business models and in the dismantlement of the trafficking chain.

INVERT aims particularly at:

  • developing a prototype suite of two risk assessment tools (company-focused and victims-focused) designed with the end-users to detect companies at risk of being involved in adult and child labour trafficking and promptly identify the victims of the trafficking
  • providing dedicated training modules for prosecutors and LEAs to update them with a wide-ranging technical-professional training.

Transcrime will lead this consortium, cooperating with Procura della Repubblica di Palermo, the Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office, OKRI, Comando Carabinieri per la Tutela del Lavoro, OSDIFE and VSE, counting also on the external support of the European Labour Authority, the Italian National Labour Inspectorate and the General Police Inspectorate of Republic of Moldova.