NEWS - 13 Sep 2022

Project Emeritus Kick-Off Meeting

Today we joined the online kick-off meeting of Project Emeritus, funded by the European Commission (GA 101073874).

Crime&tech, spin-off company of Transcrime and Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore joined this event as partner, together with the coordinator of the consortium, Gmv Aerospace And Defence S.A., and the other 21 partners.

This project, that will last till August 2025, will work to develop an investigative protocol and an intelligence platform to counteract environmental crime, through innovative monitoring and investigative technologies.

Organizing specific training activities for LEAs, Emeritus will also aim at fostering environmental enforcement authorities intelligence and investigation capabilities, allowing to validate and improve both the platform and the protocol.

During this project, Crime&tech research team, leader of Work Package 2, will focus on developing the investigative protocol through the study and identification of users’ requirements and best practices applied by partner LEAs.