NEWS - 25 Sep 2023

Kick-off meeting of the FALCON project

On 20-21 September, the FALCON project kick-off meeting was held in Athens together with the consortium partners. FALCON (Fight Against Large-scale Corruption and Organised Crime Networks) is a three-year project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon Europe programme, which aims to fight corruption in the EU. This objective will be pursued through the development of corruption indicators and tools to support intelligence, risk assessment and the design of effective policies: find out more.

Transcrime, leader of WP2, will coordinate the mapping of the phenomenon, focusing on the five dimensions that make up the intelligence picture: facilitators, patterns, modi operandi and links with other types of crime; levels and indicators of corruption risk; assessment of the impact of corruption on the economy and society; the international dimension of corruption; and the legal framework and anti-corruption policies.

We will use methodologies and approaches successfully employed in previous projects, in particular DATACROS I and II, to carry out large-scale analyses and provide support for data collection and the development of analytical tools.

Besides Transcrime, the consortium includes research centres and universities (including the Fraunhofer Institute, the Government Transparency Institute and the University of Gothenburg), tech and data analytics companies (including Certh, Engineering, Vicomtech, ABI-LAB) and law enforcement and anti-corruption agencies from several European countries (including France, Moldova, Serbia).