NEWS - 6 Jul 2023

Kick-Off Meeting Of INVERT Project

On July 4, Transcrime hosted the kick-off meeting of the INVERT project (Identifying compaNies and Victims in the Exploitation phase to disRupt the financial business model of adult and child labour Trafficking). The project, co-funded by the European Union, aims to strengthen criminal investigations on adult and child labour exploitation, one of the key priorities of the EU’s EMPACT initiative.

The meeting defined the steps to be taken to achieve the objective set (see the project page). In particular:

  • Identification of risk indicators of ongoing child and adult labour trafficking processes.
  • Based on this data, the creation of tools to identify companies at risk and to provide risk profiles of potential victims.
  • Develop technical and professional specific training modules for prosecutors’ offices and LEAs to enhance their operational capacity and improve inter-agency cooperation.
  • Testing and validation of the INVERT suite in ongoing investigations related to trafficking phenomena.

The INVERT consortium consists of European institutions involved in the fight against human trafficking: in addition to Transcrime (project coordinator), 2 prosecution offices, 1 LEA, 2 security risk analysis and research centre and 1 NGO are participating, with external support from the European Labour Authority.