NEWS - 4 Jan 2024

DATACROS II – Final Webinar

Investigating corruption, organised and financial crimes with innovative data and tools

Criminal organisations are increasingly using legitimate companies and adopting complex cross-border structures to cover illicit activities and to conceal money laundering, corruption and other financial crime schemes.

Project DATACROS II (, co-funded by the European Commission (ISF Police 2020-AG-CORRUPT-101038736), has developed the DATACROS tool, a platform that supports financial crime investigations by detecting anomalies in the characteristics of companies that may indicate high risks of collusion, corruption and money laundering. The tool has been used by several public authorities in the EU (law enforcement agencies, anti-corruption and competition authorities), and investigative journalists to conduct successful financial crime investigations.

This webinar will provide a unique opportunity to:

– Present key findings from the project and understand which characteristics of legitimate businesses can be read as risk factors and red flags for corruption, collusion, money laundering and financial crime;

– Demonstrate use cases where the DATACROS tool has been successfully used to assess the risk of corruption or other financial crime;

– Discuss with practitioners how this tool could be useful in financial crime investigations and risk assessment.

To join the webinar, register by 28 January at the following link: click HERE

Download the event full agenda.