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29 May 2017


Identifying and Assessing the Risk of Money Laundering in Europe

20 Jun 2014

Measuring OC in Latin America

A methodology for developing and validating scores and composite indicators for measuring OC at national and sub national level

16 Jun 2014

2014 Annual Symposium on Evidence Based Crime Policy

Prof. Savona takes a report to the George Mason University during  The 2014 Annual Symposium on Evidence-Based Crime Policy on “Macro / micro approach in analyzing crime and policing in Latin America.”…

22 May 2014

2nd International Conference on Governance Crime and Justice statistics

Prof. Ernesto Savona participated in the “2nd International Conference on Governance, Crime and Justice statistics”, organized by UNODC and INEGI chairing a round table with a report on the topic of “Measuring Organized Crime in Mexico and the Caribbean.”…

11 Dec 2013


Professor Savona and Marco Dugato give a speech on the topic “Defining a roadmap for assessing OC presence and impact” at the “UNODC Expert Group Meeting on Crime Statistics”.

3 Dec 2013

Assessment of the challenges regarding organized crime in Latin America and proposal on how to measure and how to use statistical data to measure organized crime in the region

6 Nov 2013


Paper presented at the “First International Conference on Statistics of Government, Crime,Victimization and Justice”.

3 Jul 2013

Developing And Validating Indicators For Measuring Organized Crime In Latin America

23 May 2012

A framework for the quantification of organized crime and assessment of availability and quality of relevant data in three selected countries of Latin America and the Caribbean

Measuring Organized Crime (OC) is a challenge that policy makers and law enforcement agencies have to face. Enhancing knowledge on Organized Crime is central for taking effective measures and reducing its human, social and economic consequences. This can be particularly important for Latin American and Caribbean countries, since most of…