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8 Mar 2024

Comparing the criminal careers of organized crime offenders in Italy and the Netherlands

The concept of organized crime has dynamically evolved, with researchers contending that it is a social construct or an umbrella concept encompassing different empirical manifestations. Scholars have often suggested classifying organized crime groups into those involved in “racketeering” or “governing” and those engaged in “transit crime” or “trading.” However, these…

1 Mar 2024

The resilience of drug trafficking organizations: Simulating the impact of police arresting key roles

This research analyses the resistance and resilience of drug trafficking organizations against law enforcement interventions targeting specific operational roles.

1 Mar 2024

Bid-rigging in public procurement: Cartel strategies and bidding patterns

Bid-rigging harms economies and societies. While existing research has primarily focused on quantifying the economic damages resulting from bid-rigging cartels, there is a relative dearth of studies exploring how firms interact and the specific techniques they use to rig tenders. Our paper examines the bidding behaviours associated with…

6 Feb 2024

Cleaning mafia cash: An empirical analysis of the money laundering behaviour of 2800 Italian criminals

Despite the wide reach of anti-money laundering legislation worldwide and increasing media attention, fostered by journalistic leaks such as Panama Papers, empirical knowledge on how criminals launder their illicit proceeds is still scarce. The few available empirical studies show that money laundering (ML) schemes are often less sophisticated than they are depicted…