NEWS - 21 Mar 2022

Inside the matrioska: the firms controlled by sanctioned ‘oligarchs’ across European regions and sectors

Transcrime research center is proud to present the latest analysis carried out in collaboration with its spin-off Crime&tech srl. In this study, the researchers have worked to track and identify those companies owned by russian oligarchs, who had been sanctioned during the last few weeks.

With this innovative analysis, Transcrime and Crime&tech have identified those sectors and geographical areas mainly subject to these types of control.

The results have shown the importance of studying and understanding both “who” controls European firms, as well as the way in which this happens.

This analysis is part of the joint intiative TOM – The Ownership Monitor, our R&D hub which studies firms ownership structures, specifically focusing on who controls firms, how this control takes place and in which ways it relates to other crimes.

Click here to download the complete report.