Past events archive

04 Dec 2023 — Bologna

“Gruppi e bande giovanili di strada, tra realtà e rappresentazione”

On Monday 4th December, Marco Dugato will take part in the conference “Juvenile Street Groups and Gangs, between Reality and Representation” organised by the University of Bologna, Faculty of Law, starting at 9.15 am. He will present: “Juvenile gangs in Italy: an attempt at mapping and some considerations”.

27 Nov 2023 — Palermo

“Juvenile gangs: incidents or transformation?”

On 27 November, Prof. Ernesto Ugo Savona will give a talk on “Juvenile gangs: incidents or transformation?” in Palermo, Centro Pio La Torre, as part of the Anti-mafia Educational Project 2023-2024…

20 Nov 2023 — Abidjan

“Linkages between terrorism and organized crime in West and Central Africa”

On 20 November, Prof. Ernesto Ugo Savona will participate in the regional workshop “Linkages between terrorism and organized crime in West and Central Africa”, organised by UNODC in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. He will present: “PROTON Project: description, achievements, and lessons learned”.

19 Oct 2023 — e-conference

24h Conference on Global Organized Crime

On 18-19 October 2023, Prof. Francesco Calderoni took part in the 24h Conference on Global Organised Crime, with a speech on organised crime in the 21st century.

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28 Sep 2023 — Vienna

UNODC – Technical Consultation Meeting on Availability of and Access to Controlled Medicines

On Sept. 28, Marco Dugato will attend the Technical Consultation Meeting on Availability of and Access to Controlled Medicines, organised by the UNODC. He will address the topic: “Understanding and combatting the organised theft of medicines. Evidence from the MEDI-THEFT project.”…

21 Sep 2023 — e-conference

The Italian Perspective on Crime Analysis – IACA

On 21 September, Marco Dugato will participate as a speaker in the webinar “The Italian Perspective on Crime Analysis”, organised by the International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA), with a speech on ‘The importance of systematic data analysis in the prevention of criminal phenomena’.

04 Sep 2023 — Cambridge

International Symposium On Economic Crime – 40th edition

On 4-5/09 Prof. Ernesto Savona and Michele Riccardi will speak at the International Symposium On Economic Crime (Cambridge University), during the discussion on “Integrity: an aspiration or a necessity?” and the workshops “Varieties of money-laundering: empirical research and implications for practitioners and policy makers” and “Holding the Oligarchs to account…

06 Sep 2023 — Florence

23rd Annual Conference – European Society of Criminology (ESC).

On Sept. 6-9, Prof. Ernesto Savona, Michele Riccardi, Prof. Francesco Calderoni, Marco Dugato, Serena Favarin, Alberto Aziani, Marina Mancuso, Maria Jofre, Deborah Manzi, Mirko Nazzari, Caterina Paternoster, Cosimo Sidoti, Giovanni Nicolazzo, Phillip Screen and Andrea Carenzo will participate in the 23rd annual conference organized by the European Society of Criminology…

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29 Aug 2023 — Cori (LT)

Juvenile violence: causes and remedies – Frammenti di Attualità

On August 29 at 8:45 p.m. Prof. Ernesto Savona will partecipate in “Frammenti di Attualità” event, in a panel discussion on “Juvenile Violence: causes and remedies.”…

05 Jul 2023 — Milan

“Youth, deviance and violence in urban space” – Department of Sociology

  • Calderoni, Grassi, Barbetta, Dugato, Introini, Favarin, Manzi, Colombo, Mora, Sidoti, Raineri - assessore Granelli

Wednesday 5 July, 4-6 p.m., Prof. Francesco Calderoni will introduce and chair “Youth, deviance and violence in urban space”, a seminar on “Barrio San Siro: interpreting violence in Milan” by Paolo Grassi. Meeting open to the public, at the Sociology Department of Università Cattolica.