Past events archive

25 Nov 2015 — Milan

Diritto Pubblico

Prof. Stefano Caneppele partecipates to the seminars “Diritti e diritto”  with a presentation entitled “Crimine, appalti, varianti”.

26 Oct 2015 — Belgrade

Regional AmCham Conference

During the Regional AmCham Conference on Fighting Grey Economy, Prof. Savona is the special guest speaker on the topic “Shadow Economy and Illegal Trade”…

20 Oct 2015 — Athens

Anti-corruption Forum

Prof. Calderoni delivers an address on the illicit cigarette trade in Greece at the “Anti-corruption Forum: Contributing to the fight against illicit trade of tobacco” organised by Palladian Communications Specialists SA.

15 Sep 2015 — Milano


During the master ALDAI – FEDERMANAGER, Michele Riccardi holds a seminar on the topic “Mafia and companies: an analysis at national and international level”…

28 Jun 2015 — Hangzhou

Society of Criminology and Zhejiang Police College

During the conference “Organized Crime and Terrorism”, organised by the International Society of Criminology and  Zhejiang Police College, Prof. Savona presents a paper on “Breaking the circle of conflicts, illicit trade opportunities and criminal/terrorist groups dynamics”.

27 Jun 2015 — Brighton


Giulia Berlusconi takes part at the XXXV Sunbelt Conference of the International Network for Social Network Analysis (23-28 June). On Sunday 28, she presents a paper on “Disrupting Criminal Networks: the Robustness and Resilience of Drug Trafficking Networks to Law Enforcement Targeting”.

26 Jun 2015 — Hong Kong

The economics of Organized Crime in Europe and Beyond

During the 7th annual conference of Asian Criminological Society, Prof. Savona presents a report on “The economics of Organized Crime in Europe and Beyond”.

25 Jun 2015 — Bruxelles

Project FIRE: overview

Marina Mancuso takes part to the Law Enforcement Working Party in Brussels with a presentation entitles: “Project FIRE: overview and preliminary results”.

21 Jun 2015 — Rome

Excise Fraud Analysis

Serena Favarin and Marina Mancuso provide a lecture on “European Outlook on the Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products” during the CEPOL course “Excise Fraud Analysis” organized by the Scuola di  Perfezionamento per le Forze di Polizia.

08 Jun 2015 — Stockholm

Proofing regulation against crime

During the The Stockholm Criminology Symposium 2015, organized by the Swedish National Council of Crime Prevention, Prof Savona presents a report on “Proofing regulation against crime”.