Past events archive

25 May 2013 — Siracusa


Professor Ernesto Savona presented the report “State failing, pirates growing: inverting the cycle in Somalia?” at the 13th Specialisation Course in International Criminal Law ISISC Syracuse.

10 Jan 2013 — Brussels


Prof. Savona and Mr. Riccardi present the results of Project BOWNET at the EU Commission, DG HA.

21 Jan 2013 — Chicago


As Professor Ernesto Savona approaches his seventies, the American Society of Criminology involves him in the project “Oral History Criminology”. The interview, conducted last November in Chicago by Professor Jay Albanese, goes over the landmarks of Professor Savona’s education.

23 Jan 2013 — Bruxelles


Mr. Riccardi is invited to the hearing of the Special Committee on organised crime, corruption and money laundering (CRIM) of the EU Parliament, to present the results of Project BOWNET and a relation on the issue of Corporate transparency requirements.

23 Jan 2013 — London


Professor Savona and Dr. Calderoni present the first country profile of the project the Factbook on the Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products at the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kindgom.

25 Jan 2013 — Milano


Dr. Calderoni, Dr. Caneppele, Mr. Dugato and Mr. Riccardi will be presenting the results of the research “The mafia’s investments” at the Commissione Antimafia of the Municipality of Milan.

06 Feb 2013 — Vienna


Professor Savona and Marco Dugato give a speech on the topic “Defining a roadmap for assessing OC presence and impact” at the “UNODC Expert Group Meeting on Crime Statistics”.

21 Feb 2013 — Rome


Professor Savona gives a speech on the topic “Indicators to measure the phenomenon of corruption and to analyze the impact of anticorruption policies” at the XI National Conference of Statistics.

28 Feb 2013 — Milan


Dr. Caneppele gives a speech on “Mafia Investments in the legitimate market” at the Winter Overseas Security Advisory Council – Italy Chapter organized by the United States Consulate General in Milan.

09 Mar 2013 — Trento


Dr. Caneppele takes part in the “Winter School 2013 – Mafie senza confini” (Winter School 2013 – Mafie with no borders) in the session “Come togliere i soldi alle mafie. Come un territorio si difende dalle infiltrazioni mafiose. Qualche proposta” (How to make money not available to mafias. How does…