OCP – Organised crime portfolio



The final report of Project OCP – Organised Crime Portfolio is now online. It can be downloaded here.

The project OCP – Organised crime portfolio (OCP) (HOME/2011/ISEC/AG/FINEC/400000222) is funded by EU Commission, DG Home Affairs and is carried out by an international consortium coordinated by Transcrime – Università Cattolica Sacro Cuore (Milan, Italy) and constituted by 7 other partners.

Aim of Project OCP is to carry out an exploratory study of the economics of organised crime in Europe, and in particular to address three research questions, which are covered by the three sections of the final report:
• Where organised crime proceeds are generated, from which illicit markets (Part 1 of the Report);
• Where these proceeds are then invested in the legitimate economy, in which regions, assets and business sectors (Part 2);
• The extent to which these proceeds are confiscated by European authorities (Part 3).
The project focuses on seven EU member states (Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom), represented by OCP partners, and for which provides an in-depth analysis. However, the report also presents a broader examination of the situation in Europe as a whole. 




With financial support of the Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme
European Commission – Directorate-General Home Affairs