Project MORE is structured in 5 work packages (WPs).

Management and coordination of the project

General management of project MORE and organisation of the kick-off meeting, of the interim workshops and of the final public conference (December 2017).




Collection of data and cases

Collection of data and case studies on legal businesses involved in SOC infiltration from the following sources:

• Judicial documents and police files on criminal cases
• Institutional reports and datasets
• Media
• Socio-economic and structural business statistics (SBS) datasets
• Business registries and business data providers
• Other public databases

Analysis of data and cases

Analysis of the collected data and case studies. In particular two analyses will be performed:

• A script analysis of case studies to identify the criminals’ modi operandi, drivers, and facilitators of SOC infiltration
• A statistical analysis of infiltrated businesses’ ownership data, financial data and other company information



Development of a risk-assessment model

Based on the results of WP2, risk factors of SOC infiltration are identified at different levels, e.g.:

• At contextual level (e.g. type of territory and/or business sector)
• At business ownership level (e.g. nature of owners, type of control structure, etc)
• At business management level (e.g. financing strategy, use of assets, profitability)

The risk-assessment model (RAM) is tested and applied in selected EU territories and business sectors.

Dissemination of MORE results

Presentation and dissemination of the results of project MORE. This will include a final public conference in Milan.




Project MORE will produce a number of deliverables, including a final report. Once developed, the deliverables will be presented in the final conference and made available in the section Links and materials.



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