The IARM project draws on previous studies and research projects carried out by Transcrime and other partners. Among others in chronological order:


EBOCS - European Business Ownership and Control Structures
ARIEL - Assessing the Risk of the Infiltration of Organized Crime in EU MSs Legitimate Economies: a Pilot Project in 5 EU Countries
OCP - From Illegal Markets to Legitimate Businesses: The Portfolio of Organised Crime in Europe
Analysis of Italy’s national money-laundering and terrorist financing risks
National Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Risk Assessment
ECOLEF - The Economic and Legal Effectiveness of Anti-Money Laundering and Combating Terrorist Financing Policy
BOWNET – Identifying the Beneficial Owner of legal entities in the fight against money laundering
Progetto Gli investimenti delle mafie (Mafia investments)
Organised Crime Enablers
Cost Benefit Analysis of Transparency Requirements in the Company/Corporate Field and Banking Sector Relevant for the Fight Against Money Laundering and Other Financial Crime
Use of cash payments for money laundering purposes - Comparative Study Into the Current Legislative Controls on Large-Scale Cash Payments within the EU Member States and an Analysis of the Use of Such Payments for Money Laundering Purposes
Transparency and money laundering - Study of the regulation and its implementation, in the EU member states, that obstruct anti-money laundering international co-operation (banking/financial and corporate/company regulative fields)

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