Project ECOFIT is structured in 6 work packages (WPs).


Management and Coordination of the Action

To ensure the exchange of information, feedback, and materials among partners and identify, in case of disputes, solutions to solve possible problems, thereby ensuring the smooth running of the activities.

1.1 Organisation of the kick-off meeting in Milan
1.2 Organisation of 1 day and half workshop at SELEC HQ in Bucharest
1.3 Organisation of 1-day Steering Committee Meeting at Tilburg University
1.4 Legal and Financial Management of the project

Gap Analysis

To point out gaps in the five selected operational instruments (MDC, MDS, NFP, JCI, CD) in the area of firearms trafficking across the 27 EU MSs and the 7 non-EU SELEC MSs.

2.1 Mapping the existing operational instruments in EU MSs
2.2 Mapping he existing operational instruments in SELEC MSs
2.3 Gap Analysis

Policy Objectives (strategic and operational) and related Options

To define policy objectives and related options that can fill the gaps identified in WP2.

3.1 Defining policy objectives (strategic and operational)
3.2 Defining alternative policy options
3.3 Discussing the options

Impact Assessment

To assess the impact of the policy options identified for addressing the policy objectives (strategic and operational):
•    No action/status quo
•    Non-legislative action
•    Legislative action (soft/hard laws)
•    Combination of non-legislative and legislative actions

4.1 Analysis of policy options impact


To propose recommendations to the EU and guidelines to LEAs for implementing the best policy option(s) to better put into action operational instruments in the area of firearms trafficking.

5.1 Developing recommendations/guidelines


To disseminate the results of the Project in order to increase its use among EU stakeholders and guarantee the visibility of the output and EU funding.

6.1 Development of the project website
6.2 Presentation of the project objectives and deliverables


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