Project DATACROS is structured in 5 work packages (WPs).


Management and Coordination of the Project

All activities related to the general management and coordination of the project (meetings, coordination, project monitoring and evaluation, financial management).

Management of ethical, privacy and data protection issues

Guarantee that the action and its outputs are in line with ethical, privacy and governing personal data protection rules.

Collection of requirements from stakeholders to develop the tool

Collection of inputs from partners, stakeholders and from related projects and initiatives in order to design a tool which could best address beneficiaries’ needs, improve their operational activity (e.g., investigation, prosecution) and enhance civil oversight.

Design and development of the tool

Design of DATACROS tool based on requirements collected in WP3, connection of the relevant data sources and development of users’ interfaces and visualisation tools.

Implementation of the tool

Implementation of the risk assessment tool and test by stakeholders on case studies in areas at high risk of corruption, collusion or money laundering.


Dissemination of the results of the Project, increase of their use among EU stakeholders and guarantee of the visibility of the project output and the EU funding.